Alleged anarchists give a warning message that vice activities will not be tolerated in Exarchia

March 22: it was an ordinary Saturday night in Exarchia district of Athens. People were sipping their coffee unwary, when an alleged black-clad group with arms stormed the busy main square around 22:00 shouting threats against “anyone who dares to carry on attacks on anarchists, lefties or their social centers“. It is confirmed as an act in response to the “troublecausers” who have infiltrated the area. Rumours suggesting the arms carried were identified as AK-47 and that the group abducted 1-2 (?) people remain unconfirmed.
Today, alleged anarchists uploaded a text on indymedia site claiming credit for the incident, condemning any sort of aggressive attitude against local residents and grassroots groups, adding that Exarchia -an area with a long history as a hub of radical political activism- will not be further subjected to any kind of gangs’ activities. It is also explained that they appeared as many, intimidating and armed not only for their personal safety on their way back but beacause “sadly -for those concerned- it appears the only way for them to get the message“.
In 2013 two shooting cases in Exarchia received mainstream publicity. A fatal one, on November 24 that was treated by police as an incident of “clearing accounts” and another -nonfatal- on February 23, where a 19 year old man from Albania was transferred to the hospital suffering ankle injury. Some locals have expressed concerns that such violent incidents are linked with turf-wars among gangs that have also become part of a broader plan to degrade the area.

Head of OLME announces a 24h strike for the 1st day of university entrance exams

Following the board members meeting, head of OLME Nikos Papachristos, spoke to the media saying:

The board members of OLME call for a 24-hour strike on Friday 17th May, the first day of national exams and propose to ELME regional unions a 5-day strike from 20th until 24th of May, in protest over the transfer of 4,000 permanent teachers & layoffs of 10,000 supply colleagues. We denote the Ministry of Education still has the option to do what needs to be done, to withdraw the presidential decree for the mandatory transferring of teachers, that would give us the chance to make one step back so that thousands of students manage to avoid the hassle. It was the ministry’s disgraceful attitude that sparked the decision for strike action, by bringing on board this plan and at this time in an irreconcilable manner. All labor union movements back this decision except PAME

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Message from the 3 anarchists arrested for bank robberies

   Just a few words behind bars, held hostage at a detention facility, to demonstrate our aims & intentions so as to clear the air on the latest developments.
   As anarchists we consider the choice of bank robbing to be a conscious choice to resist. The purpose of our action was not to build financial wealth for us. The attack against the “pantheons of capitalism” falls into our broader revolutionary activity.
   As for the torturing we got by the oppressive police forces, we don’t want that to become a reference point of victimization. We didn’t expect anything less from the foes of freedom. We shouldn’t forget how many people have been battered in police departments and their cells. Let these traces of torture become another trigger for rage to turn into action.
  Opposed to the established representatives of justice, our stance will be irreconcilable and uncompromising.

Government twists Syriza MP statement smearing him as an advocate of terrorism

Syriza MP Vangelis Diamantopoulos is expected to file a lawsuit against those responsible for twisting his words around on a statement he made last Wednesday during a public event in Kastoria. Government’s spokesman Simos Kedikoglou accused the MP for putting “The Mall” on spot four days before the blast, calling people “to take up arms” and released a video from the MP’s press conference as an evidence.

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Hundreds queuing for free vegetables in central Athens

Farmers from the island of Crete, donated 2,700 boxes with fresh veggies to citizens who struggle financially in central Athens, Wednesday morning. Pensioners, immigrants and families lined up under the hot sun, waiting patiently for their turn to collect a 10k box with cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes and peppers. The handout was organised by Anatoli agricultural association in cooperation with the capital’s municipal authorities and the island’s local broadcasting TeleCrete.

Teacher takes his own life over austerity

Austerity seems to have pushed another man over the edge, who reportedly hanged up himself on Saturday evening. Savvas Metikidis, a 44 years old teacher, resident of Athens and married with children, went for Easter holidays to his hometown, Stavroupoli in Xanthi. He took his own life in his parents’ house allegedly leaving a long suicide note, expressing his resentment over the country’s bleak political situation. Following Dimitris Kotsaridis suicide outside the Greek parliament, it seems to be the second kind of incident with clear political connotations, a couple of weeks before upcoming elections. The man’s funeral will take place today at 16:00 (local time) in Stavroupoli. 

Police abuse caught on camera

The video below goes viral across social media at the moment, showing a bunch of police officers – a couple of them in plain clothes – abusing verbally and physically an immigrant while being in custody. The man allegedly set alight a trash bin, putting at risk the cars parked in close proximity. The Facebook user who uploaded the footage 6 hours ago, has reported the incident at the UN Refugee Agency of Greece, claiming it took place in the end of January (2012) without confirming the exact location though.