Head of OLME announces a 24h strike for the 1st day of university entrance exams

Following the board members meeting, head of OLME Nikos Papachristos, spoke to the media saying:

The board members of OLME call for a 24-hour strike on Friday 17th May, the first day of national exams and propose to ELME regional unions a 5-day strike from 20th until 24th of May, in protest over the transfer of 4,000 permanent teachers & layoffs of 10,000 supply colleagues. We denote the Ministry of Education still has the option to do what needs to be done, to withdraw the presidential decree for the mandatory transferring of teachers, that would give us the chance to make one step back so that thousands of students manage to avoid the hassle. It was the ministry’s disgraceful attitude that sparked the decision for strike action, by bringing on board this plan and at this time in an irreconcilable manner. All labor union movements back this decision except PAME

Nine OLME board members voted in favor & two against the strike. ELME regional unions will hold general meetings on Tuesday.

“National exams will run normally & on time” said Education Minister responding to OLME strike announcement. New Democracy MP, Adonis Georgiadis spoke on VIMA FM radio before the decision comes out, condemning the prospect of a strike action and suggested it should become illegal when admission exams for higher education institutes are underway.

OLME union federation stands against

  • teaching personnel transfer/reductions
  • plans for 2 extra working hours on a weekly basis without prior salary adjustments

*PAME is the labor union organisation affiliated with Greece’s Communist party 


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