Message from the 3 anarchists arrested for bank robberies

   Just a few words behind bars, held hostage at a detention facility, to demonstrate our aims & intentions so as to clear the air on the latest developments.
   As anarchists we consider the choice of bank robbing to be a conscious choice to resist. The purpose of our action was not to build financial wealth for us. The attack against the “pantheons of capitalism” falls into our broader revolutionary activity.
   As for the torturing we got by the oppressive police forces, we don’t want that to become a reference point of victimization. We didn’t expect anything less from the foes of freedom. We shouldn’t forget how many people have been battered in police departments and their cells. Let these traces of torture become another trigger for rage to turn into action.
  Opposed to the established representatives of justice, our stance will be irreconcilable and uncompromising.
The anarchists
Nikos Romanos
Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos
Yiannis Michailidis
PS: a detailed analysis will follow from the four of us upon our case
The original text can be found here

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