Outburst of applause in Dimitris Christoulas’ funeral

Approximately 1500-2000 people attended Dimitris Christoulas’ funeral on Saturday, who took his life over financial issues in Syntagma square – central Athens. Mourners started applauding as the coffin arrived in the cemetery, chanting  “Blood flows, seeking revenge” and “People move forward – don’t keep your head low – the only way is resistance again”.
For 4 days in a row, citizens have been gathering on the spot where the 77 years old pensioner turned the handgun against him, leaving flowers, Greek flags and pinning notes on the nearby trees.The incident had political connotation as it took place in a focal point for anti-austerity protests opposite the parliament and the man left a suicide note, expressing his resentment for the government and his belief that one day, youths will take up the arms against Greek leaders.


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