Anti-austerity protests

Approximately 3000 people gathered in front of the parliament this morning to protest against austerity, chanting slogans and singing the national anthem. The demo was called by the two major trade union bodies of Greece, GSEE and ADEDY, that reportedly have plans for a third general strike in a row, on top of a series of events coordinated with unions and artists, that will culminate on February 29th, the European day of action.
A new demo was this afternoon in Syntagma sq. from left wing groups, SYRIZA trade unionists’ network, primary unions, motorcyclists and Mikis Theodorakis movement. Here are the main highlights:

  • 60 preventive detentions made by police in central Athens (Ermou St. Exarcheia & Monastiraki) prior to the demo.
  • People descended on Syntagma sq. across the street from Parliament, remaining peacefully until 19:40, when riot police tactics aimed -in an obvious manner- at dispersing the crowd.
  • To this end, pepper spray and stun grenade use was made, 3 people were detained and one man suffered injuries when hit by riot policeman on the head.
  • Journalists were reportedly repelled by police for doing their job when covering the demonstration. One of them working for Ant1 TV was detained.

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